Prop Club is THE Movie Company. A creative team offering inspiring work for feature films, commercials and music videos,
as well as outstanding interior design for bars and restaurants or decoration for special events.

Our mission is to create breathtaking sets, places and events with budget-conscious, professional attitude.
The main driving force behind our mission is creativity; providing the best with no compromise.

Judit Orsolya Varga laid down the foundations of Prop Club in 2007, based on over 15 years of experience,
numerous prizes and nominations.

Prop Club has been doing a great job so far: since its’ start-up it became one of the
largest and most active set design and decoration company in the country,
producing around 50 commercials beside the local and international feature films every year.

Our introduction is truly very serious, even a bit more than we actually are.
In practice, Prop Club’s professionalism and creativity is fueled by lot of fun, happiness and
easy-going attitude, for which we are endlessly thankful for the whole team and our partners.